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1. SALAM HADJI (5´14") 79 bpm

2. UNITE (5´25") 88 bpm

3. SILENCE (4´41") 140 bpm

4. BOOGIE REGGAE DAUGHTER (3´56") 112 bpm

5. WALESH (5´57") 125 bpm

6. WORLD PIRATE (5´59") 125 bpm

7. KULUM KALAIM (3´41) 92 bpm

8. BLOOD AND FIRE (7´14") 95 bpm

9. JAMMIN' REGGAE (4´12") 95 bpm

10. INSIDE BABYLON WALLS (6´00") 103 bpm

11. JUMP IN A BACKYARD (5´10") 94 bpm

PAPS NATTY GENERAL: lead vocals (1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11), backing vocals
ADMIRAL ALI: lead vocals (2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10), backing vocals, acoustic + electric drums + percussion
DOCTOR BOGARTH: keyboards + groove design
AUDREY MOTAUNG: backing vocals (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11)
OGHENE KOLOGBO: lead and rhythm guitars (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11)
NIGEL ASHER: bass guitars (1, 3, 6, 9, 10), guitars (7)
PRINCESS MAJOR TATIANA: rhythm guitars (4, 6)
EDDY OTOO: bass guitar (5), backing vocals (2)
INA SCHWAN: violins (1, 5)
CLAUDIA BAASNER: tenor + soprano saxophones (1, 4)

Music and lyrics by Paps Natty General + Admiral Ali
Arranged by Doctor Bogarth + THE LIONS
Recorded and mixed at BOGIE'S YARD HAMBURG
Mixed by Doctor Bogarth + THE LIONS, engineer: Renke Bahlmann
Mastered at Massive Sound Studio by Stefan van Bargen
Published by EURAF music / GEMA
Photography: Rebel Art Solomon
Cover design: Solomon + Ade

EURAF music
P. O. Box 500 222, D - 22702 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 3895054, Fax 385632
email: euraf@euraf.de * www.euraf.de

Distributed in cooperation with FÜNFUNDVIERZIG records by Indigo

Thanks to: Marlies, Solomon, MIZI, Daddy Leroy, Kerstin + Ed, Mystic Dan, Sammy, Caroline, the people at U. K. E. and everybody who helped saving the General's life.

Greetings to: Papa Curvin + the Inna music crew, Wonder Wolf, Relatives, Crucial Vibes, the Mass, Tommy Mozart, Munchiesman, Jamal, Uschi T., Piet, Joseph, Icess

Special greetings and love to our kids: Adefemi, Aisha, Amanda, Buba, Celine, Emanuel, Felix, Gontse, Ismael, Isyah, Jan, Jerome, Joanna, Joaquina, Kandindima, Leijla, Liza Jo, Malik, Marvin, Mikaylou, Naima, Nathan, Neil, Nora, Serena, Stompy: OUR FUTURE !



"WORLD PIRATE" is THE LIONS´ third album, for the first time produced at BOGIE´S YARD HAMBURG. It connects Roots Reggae with influences of World music, Ragga, Drum´n´Bass, Hip Hop and modern Dance Music.

Producer and Arranger Doctor Bogarth succeeded to tranform the artistes´ intentions into a product which is remarkably close to the times and the market.

Hence THE LIONS create their original combination of tradition and actuality: WORLD ROOTS REGGAE.


"SALAM HADJI" is the worldwide first Reggae Song in a 6/4 measure, with a rocking bass line playing around the basic note until finally landing on it at the end. Between the orchestral Intro and Coda Audrey Motaung and Paps sing the catchy "Yalaleli"-Choruses, and Paps is rapping about the Gulf conflict between Saddam und Bill, which better should be finished.

"UNITE" is a Ragga Rhythm, on which Ali summons African unity in typical Ragga Toasting vocals. The instrumental bridges paint the picture of a caravan in the desert.

"SILENCE" is a Shuffle-Reggae. Over the background of Gospel-touched Choruses from Audrey Motaung Paps sings in English and african languages Haussa and Fanti against drug dealing on the streets.

"BOOGIE REGGAE DAUGHTER", a very catchy title, sung by Paps with Toasting fills by Ali, is a driving 4-drop-Reggae Rhythm with Soca influence.

"WALESH", in English "Why", is a very North-African coloured Love Song, sung by Ali in Arabian language over a 12/8-Beat with Reggae elements.

"WORLD PIRATE", the title song of the album, sung by Paps, is a 1-drop-Shuffle-Reggae and talks about the pirates and exploiters of this world - the album´s Main Message.

"KULUM KALAIM" is a very danceable Hip-Hop-Reggae Beat with Drum´n´Bass influences. The title, with catchy Refrain, is sung by Paps with Toasting fills by Ali and has alsready been recognized in radio circles as "fully radio compatible".

"BLOOD AND FIRE" is a Hip-Jazz influenced song, sung by Admiral Ali. It tells about the attempted assasination to Paps Natty General in January 1998 and has arisen spontaneously during studio work.

"JAMMIN´ REGGAE" is a happy song in a fast, driving 4-drop-Reggae Rhythm, sung by Paps. The Song parts interchange with drum rolling Dubs.

"INSIDE BABYLON WALLS", a slow Nyabinghi Rhythm, is sung by Ali and draws a line between the Prophets Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.

In "JUMP IN A BACKYARD" Paps sings over a driving, African coloured Reggae Beat against corruption and enrichment of politicians, backed by wailing choirs.

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