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THE LIONS: "World Pirate" EURAF 1999

EUR 15,- 

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(THE LIONS´ back CDs "Creation" and "Jah Jah Works" are available by Indigo)


VINYL FREAKS! Here are Vinyl raritys for you! No more in the shops!

JAMAICA PAPA CURVIN & BAND: "Unity" LP, Zander Records 1986

-sold out!-

Curvin Merchant - lead & back vocals, congas, bongos, Themba Ndlovu - bass, rhythm and lead guitars, percussion, back vocals, additional lrad vocals, Doctor Bogarth - keyboards, Mikey Kleon - back vocals & guitar, Harald Kisiedu - saxophone, Kenny Boothe - percussion, Wolfgang Timpe - guitars

Produced & arranged by Curvin Merchant, Themba Ndlovu & Doctor Bogarth at Frontline Studio Hamburg

(CD available by Indigo)

EURAF YARD SOUND GROOVE SYSTIM: "Cannibals" Hypermaxie 33 rpm EURAF 1989

Rarity, no more in the shops, available only by mail order here!

EUR 8,-- 

EURAF YARD SOUND GROOVE SYSTIM Info (deutsch) * Pressestimmen (deutsch)

CANNIBALS (13´46") / CANNIBALS DUB (14´57")

Prepared, produced and performed on keyboards, voices, percussion and silliconics by Doctor Bogarth at BOGIE´S YARD HAMBURG

Backing voices: Mikey the Flying Fish, Patty the Natty, Simona la Miranda


HARRY & FRIENDS: "Bushman" Maxie Pirol 1988

Rarity, no more in the shops, few items available only here!

EUR 6,-- 

Bushman / Bushman Dub

Harry Mensah - lead vocals, guitars, percussion, Pascal Bah - back vocals, Curvin Merchant - back vocals, drums, Robert Opoku Mensah - bass, Darryl Moss - fretless bass, Doctor Bogarth - keyboards

Produced & arranged by Harry Mensah at Studio Maschen

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