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acts alphabetical

a listing of Bogie´s live acts  - leaving out an endless number of unscheduled (and unpaid ;-) jam sessions

(clicking the year numbers between 1975 and 1999 opens the tour history page - wait for loading, it´s about 600 kB of history)

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AfroCaribbean Connection / Riddim Base 2005 - 2010

A Reggae and Soca formation with different singers.

Vocals: Jessica Mears, B.J. Philip, Ade Yardman (and some beautiful girls on backing vocals whose names I don't remember); bass: Nigel Asher; drums: Jerry; Wilson Caceido, Shaibu; guitar: Jonas Mo,  Rudy Valentino jr.; keys: Doctor Bogarth, Fabian Addo.

Andra  1971

A Jazz-Rock fusion project in Berlin.

Line up: Doctor Bogarth (keys), Jochen Bauer (drums), Hans Hoffmann (bass), Molly Maeurich (guitar).

Antonio Augusto  1980

A "one night stand" with percussionist Antonio, who before had also joined "BROADWAY" as a guest musician occasionally, playing some kind of Brazilian Carnival music. Keys: Doctor Bogarth, drums: Papa Curvin Merchant, bass: Max Macmillan †.


A "Prog Rock" band in Berlin, performing quite a few gigs inside and outside of town (remember that time there was the wall and Berlin was an "Island").

Line up: Bernd Klinzmann (lead and back vox, guitar), Doctor Bogarth (keys, back vox), Edgar Kohlhaas (bass), Joachim "Huebi" Huebner † (drums, back and lead vox).

Audrey Motaung †  1980, 2000 - 2003

The great singer from South Africa. Soul, Gospel, African music.

Line up 1980: Lead vocals: Audrey Motaung †, keys: Doctor Bogarth, drums: Georges Delanbanque †, bass: Max Macmillan †, guitar: Heinz Rolefs, sax: Ben Tito.

Line up since 2000 (varying, from vocals-piano-duo up to 11-piece band/choir): Lead vocals: Audrey Motaung, back vox: Lily Bruce-Sam, Millie Wentorf, Gontse "Ghee" Diakhate (Audrey´s daughter), Barbara Thiel, Windy Walker, Teo Gosticha, David Serami, keys: Doctor Bogarth, drums: Dave P., Tony Danner, Cesar Ferreira, bass: Gros Ngolle Pokossi, Ronaldo Nasceimento, guitar: Mo Jonas, Steve Wieters, Isume, perc: Ben Adu

Ayi Bush Lee  1983

Reggae. Originally Eddy "Ayi" Watts (guitar, lead vox), Bushman (bass), Leroy Grant † (drums). Later came George N. Williams † (guitar), Doctor Bogarth (keys), Juanita Marengo † (lead vocals, Leroy´s wife) and some part of the program turned into salsa, out of which later Juanita´s own band was formed.

Bass Culture  1989

One of Germany´s most successful new generation Reggae bands. Line up at that time: Patrick Merchant (lead vox, ridm guitar), Nigel Asher (lead vox, lead guitar), Simone Miranda (back vox, percussion), Stefan von Bargen (bass), Doctor Bogarth (keys, replacing original keyboardist Martin Kernegger for a few gigs), Sikota Toza † (drums).

Blackwater Park  1971 -1972

A Hard Rock band of some friends rehearsing (and hanging around ;-) in Bogie´s Yard in Berlin. Occasionally Bogie jumped in for the bass player who couldn´t make it, and played the bass on a Davoli electric piano borrowed from keyboardist Thomas Glanz. Also Doctor Bogarth played organ and piano on two songs on their first and last album "Dirt Box", which was Bogie´s first studio job out of many in his life.

Line up: Ritchie Routledge (lead vox, rhythm guitar, later replaced by Felix Vietor), Michael Fechner (lead guitar), Andreas "Scholli" Scholz (bass, occasionally replaced by Bogie on keyboard bass), Norbert Kagelmann (drums, later replaced by Achim Schmidt † ), temporarily Wolfgang Rumler (rhythm guitar).

BROADWAY 1975 - 1977, 1980 - 1981

"BROADWAY" was formed out of the rest of the split "Malcolm´s Locks" as the very first Reggae band in Germany 1975. In the beginning combining Reggae, Soul, Funk, Rock and Fusion, later "BROADWAY" specialized in Reggae and played, besides their own material, cover versions from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other famous Reggae artists.

The first line up was Del Davis (lead vox, percussion), Papa Curvin Merchant (drums, lead and back vox), Max Macmillan † (bass), Doctor Bogarth (keys, back vox) and Wolfgang Timpe (guitar, back vox). Later Del Davis left and Curvin took over the complete lead vocals. Wolfgang Timpe left too and was replaced by Micho Correa (guitar, flute, percussion). In the end of 1976 Alan Tatham joined in for a while as second drummer, making Curvin stand in front as only-singer for some part of the program, and some other part was played with two drummers - including some remarkable double drum solos. On a few gigs also percussionists like Antonio Augusto or Thommy Goldschmidt (from Fusion Band "Karthago") joined in as guest musicians.

In summer of 1977 the band split and Curvin went on world tour with "Boney M."

In 1980 "BROADWAY" came back togethter originally for two concerts to raise the costs of a lost court trial. They went down so good that some more gigs followed in 1980 and 1981 (again with Wolfgang Timpe on guitar plus Georges Delanbanque † on 2nd drums).

Children of Nandi  1985 - 1986

Themba Ndlovu´s South African music project.

Line up: Themba Ndlovu (lead vox, bass and later guitar), Jabu Zikalala † (lead and back vox), Samora Hlatshwayo (back vox), Papa Curvin Merchant (drums, back vox), Darryl van Raalte † (bass), Doctor Bogarth (keys) and temporarily Kristian Vogelberg (additional keys).

Das Syndikat  1985 - 1986

A "Big Band" with horn section playing some "Blues Brothers" style Soul music covers. Nolli (drums), Doctor Bogarth (keys), rest of line up not remembered ;-)

David Johnson  1979, 1982 - 1983

Blues singer. Line up: David Johnson (lead vox, guitar), Georges Delanbanque † (drums), Max Macmillan † (bass), Doctor Bogarth (keys). Some gigs were performed as a trio with Doctor Bogarth on his old 1959 Gibson EB-2 bass guitar.


A scheduled jam session with many musicians including Doctor Bogarth (keys and percussion), Theo Khumalo (keys), Afonso Corréa † (drums), Robbie Smith (drums). Anselm Kluge (bass), Manne Kraski (guitar), Gerd Lange (vox), and many others...

Double Dynamite  1984, 2003

A project covering old Soul titles from the 60s in new arrangements.

Line up: Jutta Weinhold (lead vox), Gerd Lange (lead vox, nowadays with "Hamburg Blues Band"), Manne Kraski (guitar, back vox, nowadays with "The Rattles"), Doctor Bogarth (keys), Matze (drums), Chris Rolffsen / later Darryl van Raalte † (bass).

In the revival concert at DOCTOR BOGARTH's 50th BIRTHDAY PARTY 2003 the latter two had been replaced by Hansi Wallbaum † (drums, from "Hamburg Blues Band") and Uwe Lost (bass, from "Truck Stop").

Dub Division / Yard Riddim  1999 - 2000

A Reggae double-project with lead vocalists Fanta (Yard Riddim) and Manuel (Dub Division), Heiko (percussion) and tOOts (bass). On stage with guest musicians Doctor Bogarth (keys) and some different changing drummers.

Dubula  1983

South African music project of singer Thandy Moore - another "one night stand" and never heard of again. Thandy Moore (lead vox), Tefo Moore (guitar), Themba Ndlovu (bass), Papa Curvin Merchant (drums), Doctor Bogarth (keys).

Eddy Watts  1980, 1983

Reggae Project "Eddy Watts Band". Lead vox: Eddy Watts, drums: Georges Delanbanque †, bass: George Maycock jr., Max Macmillan †, keys: Doctor Bogarth, guitars: Eddy Watts, George N. Williams †.


Eric, living around Hamburg at that time, spontaneously joined one gig of "Neil Landon Band" as guest singer for a few encore songs. After that we decided to do a regular show together on X´mas 1980 in "Fabrik", Hamburg with two Neil Landon sets and a one hour Eric Burdon set in the middle.

In the rehearsal Doctor Bogarth brought up the idea of playing the bridge in "Don´t let me be misunderstood" in a Reggae riddim, and ever since then Eric kept the Reggae bridge in "Misunderstood". About 20 years later Joe Cocker brought out a full Reggae version of "Misunderstood". That´s how far a little Reggae vibe can carry :-))

Line up: Eric Burdon (lead vox), Norbert "Panzer" Lehmann (drums), Georges Delanbanque † (drums), Max Macmillan † (bass), Doctor Bogarth (keys), Bernd Gaertig † (guitar, back vox).


An "Acid Reggae" duo project of Doctor Bogarth bringing computer (at that time Commodore C 64 ;-) and mixboard on stage for live dub mixing, additional to keyboards and percussion. Detailed info in German language here (english version coming).

Line up: Doctor Bogarth (keys, voices, sampling, dub mixing, percussion), Theo Khumalo (keys, back vox / March 1989), Georges Delanbanque † (keys, percussion, back vox / July 1989).

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EZEE  1978 - 1979

Funk and Soul band with some Reggae titles as well.

Line up: Lead vox: Elaine Davis, drums: Georges Delanbanque †, percussion: Kenny Boothe †, keys: Doctor Bogarth, bass: Charlie Kingson (later: Max Macmillan †), guitar: Chris Hillen † (later: Gerd Rudschuck, Richard "Schumi" Schumacher).

Goombay Dance Band  1981 - 1982

A Pop vocal group around lead singer Oliver Bendt, that had quite a few hits. After getting bored of performing with playbacks, they invited the bands "Soulful Dynamics" in 1981 and "SHUTTLE" in 1982 to back and support them on some tours in Europe.

Line up: Lead vocals: Oliver Bendt, back vox: Wendy, Dorothy, in 1982 additionally their producer Ernest Clinton and his sister Christine † (lead singer with "SHUTTLE").

1981: Ben Mason (drums), Doctor Bogarth (keys), George N. Williams † (guitar), Themba Ndlovu (bass), John Iniss (percussion and steel pans), Richie Arhin (sax), Miguel Philips (percussion and _limbo dancing_).

1982: Georges Delanbanque † (drums), Doctor Bogarth (keys), George N. Williams † (guitar), Themba Ndlovu (bass), Ralph Holding † (keys), Kenny Boothe † (percussion) and also another limbo dancer (name forgotten).

Harry & Friends  1986 - 1987

After leaving "Jamaica Papa Curvin", guitarist / singer Harry Mensah † took over the small live music club "Tropical Brazil" in Hamburg´s famous tourist district "Reeperbahn". It turned out to be the main musician´s meeting point in Hamburg (after closing down of "Onkel Poe´s Carnegie Hall" end of 1985) for some years, and Harry himself played with his friends in many different line ups between two and five times a week (the gate was only a few Deutschmarks, but Harry must have collected some good GEMA royalties ;-)

Some of these gigs were featuring Doctor Bogarth on keys (rest of line up not remembered

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High Crack  1978

A Jazz-Rock fusion project Doctor Bogarth joined for a short time.

The line up is not remembered, but an anecdote to tell:

"High Crack" were rehearsing in an old farm house ("Hof Hirschberg") near Kassel, and Bogie was using an old milking stool from the cow stable (consisting of a three-legged massive iron bottom and a raw wooden seating surface) as seat at the keyboards.

Somehow this milking stool ended up amongst Bogie´s live equipment ;-) and nowadays it is still used in the studio to place the mouse pad on top :-))

Jamaica Papa Curvin  1985 - 1996, 2003, 2010

Formed 1995 to turn out the biggest Reggae act in Germany for quite some years.

First line up: Papa Curvin Merchant (lead vox, drums), Themba Ndlovu (bass, back vox), Doctor Bogarth (keys, back vox) and Theo Khumalo (keys).

After that, beside Doctor Bogarth staying until 1996, many musicians came and went, such as: Jabu Zikalala † (back vox), Samora Hlatshwayo (back vox),

Darryl van Raalte † (bass), Sikota Toza † (bass), Nigel Asher (bass), Harry Mensah † (lead guitar), Eddy Watts (lead guitar), Ricky (lead guitar), Mo Jonas (lead guitar), Al Anderson (lead guitar), Mikey Mitchell (riddim guitar), Hamavoko Pedreira (riddim guitar), Eddy Paul (2nd keys), Richie Askot (2nd keys), Aaron Amani † (2nd keys), Johannes Koeppen (sax), Katja Rieckermann (sax), and whoever we might have forgotten here.

End of 1996 Curvin and Bogarth separated after almost 12 years of partnership, but "Jamaica Papa Curvin" has still been existing since in various line ups and downs ;-)

JANE (Werner Nadolny’s JANE) 2009 - 2012

The Space Rock group JANE was founded 1970 and is known as one of the „primary rocks“ in Germany’s Rock bands history. JANE has achieved cult status for decades as „german response to Pink Floyd“ by old and young public. In the band’s history there have occured miscalleneous reshuffles and segmentations, so nowadays three different formations with or without keyboards, each of them around one of the founding members,  play and develope JANE’s ageless music. The JANE family has grown big enough to be able to play three locations at the same time :-)

The prevailing line-up of Werner Nadolny’s JANE 2009/2010: keys: Werner Nadolny, Doctor Bogarth; drums: Norbert „Panza“ Lehmann, Sven Petersen; bass: Matjes Müller (2009); Rolf Vatteroth (2010-2012); Michael Schugardt (2012), guitars: Dete Klamann; backing vocals: Werner Nadolny, Dete Klamann, Matjes Müller (2009); Rolf Vatteroth (2010-2012), lead vocals: Gitze (2009), Torsten Ilg (2010-2012) + special guest Jutta Weinhold.

Juanita Marengo † (Juanita & Friends)  1983 - 1990

A glorious Salsa singer crossing over with some funk and rock (a style picked up later by various artists like Gloria Estefan e.g.).

Different line ups over the years, including on drums: Leroy Grant † (Juanita´s husband), keys: Doctor Bogarth, Possi Collantes, bass: Bushman, Charlie Kingson, Darryl van Raalte † , Dante Avila †, guitars: George N. Williams †, Klaus Hillebrecht, percussion: Miguel Philips, Markus Pahler.

Juanita died from cancer in the early 1990s.

Kaept´n Kaos´Session Club  1994

A scheduled jam session arranged once in a while by "OXMOX" chief Klaus Schulz a.k.a. Kaept´n Kaos.

That time feat. Klaus Schulz (lead vox, guitar), Sid Gautama (drums), Doctor Bogarth (keys), rest of line up not remembered.

Kalabash  1984

A West African music project.

Line up: Pascal Bah (lead vox), George N. Williams † (guitar), Doctor Bogarth (keys), Papa Curvin Merchant (drums), Themba Ndlovu (bass).

Larry Zanga  1984

Reggae, another project that turned out as a "one night stand" - but at least Larry ended up with some demos of about a dozen of his songs, recorded in the rehearsals for free ;-(.

Larry Zanga (lead vox, guitar), Papa Curvin Merchant (drums), Themba Ndlovu (bass), Doctor Bogarth (keys).

Linda Fields  1977

Another one of Hamburg´s great soul sisters / singers, the "BROADWAY" line up at that time backing her on a Germany tour.

Linda Fields (lead vox), Papa Curvin Merchant (drums, back vox), Doctor Bogarth (keys), Max Macmillan † (bass), Micho Correa (guitar).

Malcolm´s Locks  1975

"Caribbean Rock", the band that called Bogie from Berlin to Hamburg.

Lead vocals: Malcolm Magaron, back vox: Liz Mitchell (later "Boney M."´s lead singer), Windy Walker, trumpet and back vox: Stuart Fahey, drums: Papa Curvin Merchant, bass: Max Macmillan †, guitars: Wolfgang Timpe, Micho Correa, keys: Doctor Bogarth.

Maroghini  1995

Keith Hanson a.k.a. Maroghini was guest artist on vocals and percussion on Jamaica Papa Curvin´s X-mas Reggae Tour 1995.

Backed by J.P.C. & Band, line up: Papa Curvin Merchant (drums), Nigel Asher (bass), Doctor Bogarth (keys), Aaron Amani † (keys), Jonas Mo (lead guitar), Hamavoko Pedreira (ridm guitar).

Moira  1977

Jazz-Rock fusion band "Moira" released an album ("Crazy Countdown") on the first independent label in Germany called "Schneeball", that started the whole Indie movement in Germany. The original vinyl album is out of print, but the title tune is still available on compilation CD "Ein Komet ist ein schmutziger Schneeball" by Indigo.

Line up: Jörgen Kanwischer (guitar), Rainer Frank (bass), Butze Fischer † (drums), Geoffrey Ramos (percussion), Doctor Bogarth (keys).

Mystic Dan  1995 - 1996

Singer / toaster Geoff "Mystic Dan" was also guest artist on J.P.C.´s X´mas Reggae Tour 1995, line up see "Maroghini".


"Mystikungfusion" was a scheduled jam session project arranged by Doctor Bogarth taking place a few times in "Tropical Brazil", Hamburg. Line up not remembered (ashamingly ;-) but including some of the musicians from Doctor Bogarth´s 35th Birthday Party.

Natural Impulse  1985

A Soul-Funk project initiated by guitarist George Nyemah Williams †, with Doctor Bogarth on keys, Themba Ndlovu on bass, Papa Curvin Merchant on drums, rest of line up not remembered. It turned out to be another "one night stand", although that night (new year´s eve 1985/86) two gigs took place at two different venues, one before midnight and one after midnight, and in between and after there was the good-bye celebration and jam session in "Onkel Poe´s" - a good lot of running up and down the place ! :-)

Neil Landon †  (Neil Landon Band, Neil Landon & Friends)  1975 - 1983, 2003

A Country-Rock / Rock ´n´Roll project of singer Neil Landon (formerly playing in "Fat Matress" with Jimi Hendrix´ band pal Noel Redding).

Different line ups over the years, including on lead vocals: Neil Landon †, acoustic guitars: Neil and Hoddel †, electric guitars: Alex Conti, Bernd Gaertig †, Erich Doll (from Country band "Truck Stop"), Adrian Askew, Wolfgang Timpe,  Dieter Borchers, bass: Max Macmillan †, Uli Salm, Uwe Lost, keys: Doctor Bogarth, Adrian Askew, Kress Neckov, drums: Papa Curvin Merchant, Georges Delanbanque †, Norbert "Panzer" Lehmann, Teddy Ibing(from "Truck Stop") - after "BROADWAY" started playing with two drummers at the same time, Neil picked up this style and some heavy double drum solos between Curvin and Georges, Curvin and Teddy, Georges and Panzer etc. took a good part of the show.

(no name project)  1973

A Jazz-Rock fusion project in Berlin which should have turned into a real band but never did (and never got a real name), because at that time more time was spent renovating the house than making music.

How many times it happens in life that  in the way of making music stands preparing the room for it, and how many times the inspiration gets spoiled by that !

Line up: Doctor Bogarth (keys), Wolfgang Brock (drums, who had left "Karthago" again and been replaced there by Norbert "Panzer" Lehmann), Peter Staerk (bass), later: Uve Muellrich (bass, nowadays with "Dissidenten"), Michael "Willy" Wilke (guitar).

(no name project) 1973 - 1974

A Funk-Rock fusion project in Berlin, another one that never reached beyond the project status, for fixing rehearsal rooms took more time than making music :-(

Doctor Bogarth (keys), Axel Fuhrmann (keys), Wolfgang Brock (drums), Michael "Willy" Wilke (lead vocals and guitar), Alex Conti (guitar), Peter Staerk (bass), Stuart Fahey (trumpet) and a saxophonist (name not remembered).

The band split in 1974 after Alex left to Hamburg to join "Atlantis" (a famous Rock band feat. Inga Rumpf on vocals) and Wolfgang Brock left to Hamburg too to join "The Rattles".

1. Open Music Session  1976

A scheduled jam session project arranged by Doctor Bogarth, taking place two days in "Onkel Poe´s" and two days in "Logo", bringing back Bogie´s old band pals from Berlin to Hamburg (Wolfgang Brock and Hans Hoffmann from "Tate Gallery´s Fluid Return").

Line up: Doctor Bogarth (keys), Wolfgang Brock (drums), Hans Hoffmann (bass), Thomas Kretschmer (guitar), the last two days additionally Adrian Askew (keys) and Zabba Lindner (percussion).

Rainer Baumann  † 1982

One of Hamburg´s most famous Blues guitarists.

Rainer Baumann † on lead vocals and guitar, Doctor Bogarth once on bass guitar, the other times on keys (then Max Macmillan † on bass), Georges Delanbanque † on drums, and at one of the gigs David Johnson as second guitarist and singer.

Simone Miranda  1989

Latin music with Brazilian singer Simone Miranda (formerly member of "Bass Culture" and married to their singer Patrick Merchant). Simone Miranda (lead vox and percussion), Doctor Bogarth (keys), rest of line up not remembered (sorry ;-)

Sahara  1985

Guessably by the name, an African music project. Franco Avana (lead vox and drums, who still owes Bogie some of the money for the gigs :-( after 16 years), Doctor Bogarth (keys), rest of line up not remembered.

SHUTTLE  (a.k.a. "Rising" a.k.a. "Coco")  1981 - 1983

Funk and Soul music. Starting as a cover project under the name "Coco", then backing "Goombay Dance Band" on European tour, after that developing their  own original program and changing name to "Rising". Unfortunately it was found out later that another band called "Rising" already existed, so the name was changed again to "SHUTTLE".

Line up: Christine Clinton † (lead vocals), Doctor Bogarth (keys), Ralph Holding † (keys, back vox), Themba Ndlovu (bass, back vox), Georges Delanbanque † (drums, back vox), Kenny Boothe † (percussion), George N. Williams † (guitar, later replaced by Jimmy Yapp).

In the later 1980s lead singer Christine Clinton was deported to Liberia by German police and shot in the civil war.

Soulful Dynamics  1980 - 1984

A Soul-Pop band that had a few hits in the late 60s and 70s.

Lead vocals: Ben Mason, rest of line up changing, including on drums: Ben Mason, Papa Curvin Merchant, bass: Themba Ndlovu, George Maycock jr., keys: Doctor Bogarth, Haile, guitars: Tefo Moore, George N. Williams † , Larry Zanga, sax: Richie Arhin, and probably some others not remembered.


Bogie´s first successfully and more or less continuously gigging band in Berlin, playing some "Underground" and "Psychedelic" Rock music, later more turning into the direction of "Classic Rock" inspired by bands like Keith Emerson´s "The Nice". The highlight of the shows always was a 45-minutes-version of "Iron Butterfly"´s "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida".

Line up: Doctor Bogarth (keys, bass, vocals), Wolfgang Brock (drums, vocals), Hans Hoffmann (bass, guitar), and later Peter Windeknecht (guitar) turning the trio into a quartet.

The band split in 1971 when drummer Wolfgang Brock left to found "Karthago" with Joey Albrecht (vox and guitar), Ingo Bischof (keys), Gerald Luciano (bass) and Thommy Goldschmidt (perc), a Fusion-Rock band that became very famous in Germany.

THE GLOWBALLS (formerly The Great Glowballs) 2011 - 2014

Blues and Rock'n'Roll classics from the 50s / 60s. Geff Harrison (vocals), Christian Freidank (drums), Franz Bass (bass, 2011), Gottfried Rudolph (bass, 2012 - 2013), Günther Rimbeck (bass, since 2013), Heiner Nielsen (guitar, until 2013), Manne Kraski (guitar, since 2014), Doctor Bogarth (keys).

THE LIONS  1995 - 2010

World Roots Reggae band founded 1990, Bogie joined in 1995 up to today and also produced THE LIONS´ third album "World Pirate" in his studio BOGIE´S YARD HAMBURG. Click for detailed band infos in English or German language.

Line ups since 1995: Lead vocals: Paps Natty General, Admiral Ali, back vocals: Lily Bruce-Sam, Gontse "Ghee" Diakhate, Henrietta Manu, Barbara Thiel, Victoria Obedekah, Anny Anders, Nigel, Ben and Bogie, keys: Doctor Bogarth, 2nd keys: Ben Acquaah, Tommy Mozart, Aaron Amani †, Martin Kernegger, Justice Kweku, Piet Abele, drums: Admiral Ali, Thomas Plange, Wilson Caicedo, additional drums and percussion: Leroy Grant †, Shaibu Seidu, bass: Joseph Abdou, Eddy Otoo, Abeku Adams-Bentsil †, Nigel Asher, TooTs, guitars: Princess Major Tatiana, Hamavoko Pedreira, Hope, Spanky, Nigel Asher, Oghene Kologbo, Rainbow Tafari, Mo Jonas.

The Jackets 1977

A "New-Wave-Rock-Soul" formation which turned out to be another one of those "one night stands" (after lots of rehearsals).

Line up: Lead vocals + guitar: André Rademacher a.k.a. Maxim Rad, bass: Karl-Heinz Schott †, drums: Manuel Darboven, keys: Doctor Bogarth, rest of line up not remembered.

Tony Poloo & Warstop Band  1997, 2001

Reggae, another "one night stand" and never heard of again. (It´s very uneconomical, not to say a waste of time, to learn between 10 and 20 songs just to perform one or two gigs ;-)

Tony Poloo (lead vox), Doctor Bogarth (keys), rest of line up not remembered.

P. S. One day in July 2001 Tony phoned again about having another gig, and left a wrong number on the answering machine *lol* - the gig still took place.

Vibe  2000, 2002

A Soul - R´n´B vocal group produced by Audrey Motaung and at that time backed by her band as guest artists.


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